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40 + years of experience


My name is Allan Moore. I have been backing horses for profit for about 40 years.    In 1995 I created a horse racing software program for a company called Elswick Enterprises.  The program was very successful and was entered into the Smart Sig Computer Challenge going up with 20 or so other program from various companies.  The competition was 6 months long our program "The Sword" was the only program that made a profit.  It made +14% after 10% betting tax.  Now we are way ahead
(Remember those days!).  Today we can access more information and much quicker too, giving us what we need to make massive profits.

After that I created the "Majestic" programs using my "Impact" ratings Ai and a pattern Array Ai.  This was a step towards horse racing prediction using artificial intelligence.  Again the program was very successful, particularly in 10f flat non handicaps of grade B (2) or higher.  The intelligence was upgraded regularly with the results and the system grew from strength to strength.   I decided I wanted to give a speed element to the program and developed another program called "MPH". This program was the perfect marriage to Majestic, particularly over the Jumps.  It gave speed figures in Miles Per Hour. 

I have over the years created many profitable horse racing methods.  My latest incarnation is Big Winners Service and I have never seen returns like these before. Truly incredible.