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503.8 pts profit AT BSP prices in MAY 2019

+ 753.79 pts In June 2019

This is at one horse per race, Win and Place all at BSP at level stakes NOT increasing stakes.


That is £2515.18 profit in 2 months @£2.00 per point stake.

The Winners  May 2019

17.01, 61.59, 110.84, 21.34, 75, 6.63, 34.92, 14.84, 20, 13.15, 4.2, 20, 11.62, 22, 8.83, 13.33, 6.28, 50.68

The Winners June 2019

20.12,  11, 9.18, 10, 18.8, 3.26, 8.4, 57.08, 51.39, 16.75, 3.22, 21, 8.32, 21.73, 25.18, 9.96, 6.61, 14, 9.6, 13.27, 9.6, 7, 15.5, 17, 7.41, 9.02, 16.37, 5.5, 249.78, 27, 90,


How it was done

May 2019  


205 Selections   Returning  297.43 pts off just 18 winners that is just 8.78% strike rate (June had a higher strike rate as did May 2018) but the odds are way over what is required to profit.  If your the sort of guy looking at each and every race worrying over the results then you haven't got what it takes and won't win, you will head for the hills because the vast majority of win selections will LOSE.  Place selections come in a lot and they alone make more pts profit per month than anything else except the win portion of this service.   Squirming already? Then this isn't for you.    This is for people with discipline and focus. Who can bet and forget, not worry over every result.   Nervous, jittery types will never win because they will never stay any course. 


Now on to the Place Part.


Again 205 Selections  Returning  206.37 pts off 60 place returners that is 29.26% place strike rate and is a viable method in it's won right


Where else can you get 206pts + returned off a 29% SR.  NOWHERE.


So ok, if you really do not have the spherical thingies to do the wins, then place only might work for you.


Which brings me to the next point. If you are a bit shaky but feel you do a rope a dope, why not put 2 pts on the place and 1pt on the win.


Then the place returned would obviously double and iron out a bit any losing days.   However you are then staking 3 pts on each horse instead of 2.  At 2 pts the place and 1pt the win, the return is 719.17 pts for May.


In any case it is a  COLOSSAL RETURN whichever way you look at it.


Now how to change your life.  Just 5 pts a point can make you over £2500 in a month BUT I strongly recommend NOT to stake more than £10.00 a point............why? Because you could affect the prices adversely.  IF your going to bigger stakes, I advice you spread your bets over various Bookmakers at EW at BOG.  I don't know what the returns would be doing that because I designed this as a BSP method and the results are to BSP.  Generally Bog results are close to BSP results overall.


Bear in mind that losing runs can be long, especially on the wins but it DOES NOT MATTER.  If you want in on this I recommend a 200 pt bank.  You can bet at less than £2 a point on betfair just do the Multibet part and as singles EW.  (Again not sure what the returns would be doing that) I think they still allow thls. 

Finally and I am NOT SORRY.

I am not giving this service away.  I am quite happy to have no one and just do it myself across the exchanges and at Bog. (I'm barred from betfair). 


For those that have the stones and want to make 500 pts a month or more and are in it to for the long haul  (AT the moment this is only for the Flat, I am working on an adaption for the jumps).  So every day you delay, you are losing out.  I will be raising the price very soon.


June 2019

+ 753.79 pts Profit

The Story of June.     June started quite poor, going into immediate losses but after a few days it picked up and edged ahead by the 9th day. By the 19th day it was already nearly 300pts up.    After that it scored a huge win at 249 BSP and not shortly after another big win at 90bsp. The last few days of the month were not good and it gave a small amount back.  This is what I have noticed with all methods, if the strike rate/results suddenly go great, way beyond expectation then a correction is bound to occur.  Likewise if results are not to expectations for a while, then again a correction will occur and bring everything back to normal.  The thing with this methods is, the wins are so big that the gains massively any losses incurred on a down period.  


Anyway at just £2.00 per point, you would of made £1507.58 in June




June Details

Big Winner Method


233 selections

WINNERS  31   Strike Rate  13.33%

Profit          +560.03 pts.

Placed      71   Strike Rate   30.4%

Profit         +193.76pts

Combined  + 753.79 pts.



No Flappers Please

Now to get rid of  flappers, quitters and those that stress over their bets. 


The strike rate of the win is LOW. (Place strike rate is good)  I have argued and proved over many years, strike rate with regards to profitability means NOTHING.  What matters is the price AT any given strike rate and the shorter the odds are the harder it is to win.  Look I can put together a method with 60% or more strike rate but it cannot make these sorts of profits, not even close.  Nothing I know of can.  In fact you are probably struggling to get your head around it.

If you want to WIN BIG you to have a go at the Long Shots.  Now we do get a good place strike rate and it too makes more pts profit alone than anything I have seen other than the win part of  Big Winners Service.


There is a catch.    I strongly recommend you do not stake at more than £10.00 per point. (which should make about £5000 per month) If you do the prices could start dropping.  We don't want that.  If you want to stake more than that,  then go BOG at traditional bookmakers


Places are limited for obvious reasons.